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Library adds new computer lab

Peder Aalgaard | Staff Writer | 02-07-2013

During winter break, the A.C. Clark Library made a new addition to its first floor.  Computers were added in the lowest floor, which has so far been computer-free. They are not brand new but were moved from a Deputy Hall computer lab due to renovation being done in the building.

The Mac computers are using dual operating systems that allow students to choose to use Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. Students have been using the new computers and have found them to run just as well as those in labs elsewhere on campus. “Once all the programs boot up, they run just fine,” said student Matthew Moriarty.

It is intended to make the first floor into an extension of the Memorial Hall computer lab. The lab is free to access and has the same policies as the other library computers, and there is no requirement to sign into the computer lab using a student ID number. 

IT Services does not control the floor but will have access to classroom 122 in the library and can make schedules and policies. There will be a student worker from IT Services working at the desk, offering students help when necessary, as well as making sure the computers themselves run smoothly.

No problems have surfaced so far, but some students have needed help. Student worker Hyeeun Kim has had a few people ask what printer is connected to the computers. “[Students] try the printer upstairs,” she said. “But the only printer the computers print to is on this floor.”

Other than slight confusion, the help desk has had little to no problems since the move. The help desk is open during the same times as the library and always has a worker there.

Librarian Pete McDonnell, who collaborated with Melissa Arneson from IT Services during the move, thinks the addition of the new computers will be useful for students. Until now, there have been no computers on the first floor.

With this addition, there will be more room for students who need a quiet place to do school work. There are no plans for future additions to the work area yet. “We’re kind of seeing how it goes with the 25 we’ve got,” McDonnell said. “And we’re working with the IT department to get the service to the students.”