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Adding Color to the Bemidji State University Campus

Eve Lang | Staff Writer | 03-07-2013

In the past few weeks, Bemidji has seen warmer weather and clearer skies, but the weather may not be all that is showing a little more color these days. Bemidji State University’s student senate is taking action, after three years of planning, to make the Tunnel Painting Initiative a reality.This project will add some color to the on-campus underground tunnel system and allow student organizations to get their names out for others to see.

At present, BSU’s tunnels are a bit monochromatic. Besides pipes and lockers, the walls are bare. “It’s dull and boring down there,” Jake Svare, BSU junior and student senator, said of the tunnels. On-campus student organizations are encouraged to participate in this initiative. Svare said group murals have the potential to give the tunnels a more lively feeling.

“In addition,” student Sen. Cara Mielke said, “we believed that it would allow students to express their creativity all the while making the tunnels more aesthetically pleasing for those who choose to use them.”

The first step for a group interested in participating in the Tunnel Painting Initiative is to submit a brief application found on the Bemidji State Student Senate website. Murals representing each group need to be appropriate, and student senate needs to know what supplies will be needed for the painting, so it can be provided in time. Student senate will later contact each organization and arrange a time when members of those organizations can complete their murals.

Though the weather has warmed up and the skies are clearer, this long Bemidji winter has still made the ground cold. Before the project can be put into action, the temperatures need to raise a bit more to make sure the paint will stick to the tunnel walls. “Come April, we are hoping to finally start to line the tunnels with the beautiful murals we have already approved,” Mielke said.

Student organizations and groups can use this link to find an application for submitting their mural idea to student senate: