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Mother nature wants you… to think environmentally

Tricia Tuntland | Staff Writer | 04-29-2013

Being in college, there is little we can do about choosing what appliances we have access to, where our cafeteria food comes from or where it goes to when wasted or how eco-friendly our rusted-out cars may be, but there are a few ways we can creatively help the environment.

For example, take a walk instead of a drive and appreciate the northern beauty, open your fridge only when necessary or maybe even take an extra trip to the recycling center and recycle all those cans and bottles left over from the weekend.

Since Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson set his goal to convince the federal government a change had to be made concerning air and water pollution in 1970, Earth Day has expanded into a globally recognized and celebrated holiday, spanning over time to cover an entire week.

Nelson wanted to start an environmental movement that would shine so brightly with people’s environmental concerns the government would no longer be able to shade themselves from the issues they were facing.

Many cities, communities and campuses take part in educating others about environmental awareness during Earth Week, and Bemidji State University is no different.

Campus organizations and departments have teamed together to help raise awareness of environmental and sustainable issues here on BSU’s campus.  With an array of events from environmental films, bike workshops, 5K runs and even a collection of unused and old electronics, the campus has come alive with environmentally conscious ideas.

BSU does not just set one week aside to raise awareness on campus; they set aside the entire year. The Sustainability Office, located in the Lower Hobson Union across from the BSU Bookstore, hosts events such as Sustainable Tuesdays every week.

Environmental stewardship is one of the many themes that guide BSU. The campus administration works hard to ensure BSU remains an eco-friendly establishment.  More information about BSU’s role with environmental issues can be found at the Sustainability Office, or on its website, www.bemidjistate.edu/sustainability.

Just because one week a year is designated specifically to raise environmental awareness does not mean we should not always be conscious of the amount of pollution we leave behind us.