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BSU Website Anticipates Redesign

By Alyssa Muench

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The improved BSU website is set to launch mid-to-late December, after finals are over. According to Scott Faust, the director of communications and marketing at BSU, this website will be easier to manage and therefore easier to make updates.

When the redesign launches, one-third of the departments across campus will be updated to reflect the new look. More of the website will become updated as the new information becomes available. It should be completely launched by April 2015.
The administration decided to redesign the website because the current version is from 2010, and web design is still continuing to evolve. “Not only had the time come for a redesign, but it was past time,” Faust said.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.33.11 PM (1)With the implementation of a new design, Faust stated that prospective students and their parents are the targeted audience. The website aims to be more visual and capable of storytelling. The home page consists of a full width image, along with circles that will highlight stories of individuals. Each of these stories expands and has links within to provide people with more information as to what BSU is all about. “Each circle tells a larger story together,” Faust said, “and this approach allows us to tell a story in a 360 degree way.”

The home page is planned to change at least once a day in order to distinguish the differences between the days at BSU. Faust stated that if a visiting student came to BSU today and tomorrow, they wouldn’t see the same thing. The website will be set to reflect this idea. Through the use of images, Faust hopes that it will be “virtually indistinguishable from BSU.”

“We want the website to reflect a sense of place,” Faust said. The redesign will constantly be reinforcing this with aerial photos of the campus and small details throughout the pages.

The website will still have the “MyBSU” feature for current students. Faust plans for it to be more efficient to meet student’s needs. “MyBSU will function as a ‘one-stop’ for students to take care of all the ‘business’ of being a student, everything from records and registration, to bill payment information, to email and e-services,” said Faust.

The calendar on the current BSU website is often incomplete and not fully reflecting the events that take place on campus. On the new design, it will be easier to manage for students and staff. It will allow new features such as links, photos, and maps for events. “It could be great in terms of promoting events,” Faust said.

The current site doesn’t accurately portray what the university has to offer. “We haven’t really done justice to how BSU is,” Faust said. He believes the redesign of the website will strengthen the University.

While Faust states that the project is well down the road, he wants the website to beneficial to them. He anticipates hearing from students and the BSU community about the changes.