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Finally Ending the Stress of Finals

By Emilie Brouse

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December is a month of anticipation for many pursuing a college degree—both the excited and nervous kind. Most look forward to the approaching winter break, more than ready for a much-needed hiatus from their studies. But oftentimes, the positive emotions for the month ahead is accompanied with a stress level that is off the charts. There are different organizations of campus dedicated to helping students manage the strain and struggle of final exams and providing effective techniques for healthy stress relief.

BSU’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) knows it is important for students to take a break from academics even though they are important, because fun is important and healthy, too. CAB is collaborating with Hobson Memorial Union for a program called “The Study Union”. In the conference rooms of the Middle Upper Union, CAB is organizing fun activities to offer students a breather from their studies.

Cdc59c5129da04e6b8b44b33c2a0d5e77AB will also be bringing two-time Guinness Book of World Records holder Dave Farrow, also known as “The Memory Guy” to campus on December 2. He will be there to assist students in two separate one-hour sessions. The first is a presentation explaining his reliable system of methods for memorization. The second is a session based upon improving academic speed reading skills and resolving test anxiety. CAB members believe this will be great a way to offer students assistance with their academics in addition to the fun events they have organized.

Lifestyle Educators also has events planned for finals week to help students cope with stress. The club’s president, Sammie Taube, works at Cedar Hall as the primary contact for questions and concerns from students. Taube stated that as a club, they realize that finals are stressful and something to overcome. “We do what we can as a group to help students relieve the stress that’s so often brought on by the exams,” said Taube.  The group coordinates events during finals week to keep the stress at bay.

De-Stress with Pets is their main stress relief event. At De-Stress with Pets, students are invited to get some pet therapy. Affectionate, friendly animals from the Beltrami Humane Society will be there, ready to share their joy. There will also be free thumper massages and spinal screenings at this event, along with smoothies and study tips.

Taube’s study tips for finals week:

  • Stay organized.
  • Maintain a “well-planned planner”.
  • Remind yourself that there are other factors that go into your grade—not just the test!
  • Exercise. “It’s my personal form of stress relief,” she said. “Working out clears my mind. I don’t have to sit in one spot; I can go somewhere and my thoughts just kind of run with me.”

Another suggestion to help cope with the stress of finals is to simply take a moment and remember to breathe.