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The Talley Gallery—Art Traveling Through Time

By Kelsey Jacobson
Photos by Andrew Persson

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In Bridgeman Hall, you will find a gallery displaying many different kinds of art from professional artists around the world and in Minnesota. The Talley Gallery has been part of BSU since the ’70s. In 1975, the gallery was dedicated to Ila Mae Talley, who shared her abilities and passion for art with students. The opening of the gallery took place on September 27th, which showcased who Talley was and what she did for BSU. Formerly a part of the Ed Arts Department, the gallery just reopened on January 28th to students and the public. Students can see many various types of art NS-TG9forms related to what they are studying in their classes. The gallery was originally in the basement of the library in 1972 before it was moved to Benson Hall. It was there until it had to be relocated to make room for the Nursing Program.

Laura Goliaszewski has been the director of the gallery for eight years now. She is the one who takes care of the space itself and handles contracts with the artist. Goliaszewski says she sees the gallery as a success that inspires students to use new media and helps them decide on a certain career path. It also gives them inspiration to learn different techniques in art—how to see past the art and understand the true meaning—and creates goals for their futures.

The gallery is not only for art and design students. The gallery is open to students of all majors, faculty, and the community. Students at BSU can apply to have their art or photography work displayed in the gallery for two weeks. Students will get juried in and will have to provide a portfolio with a proposal to the Technology of Arts and Design committee. Goliaszewski gets about 50 to 100 applications. She lets the Technology of Arts and Design Committee pick who they think will benefit students more or who is different from what has been seen already at the gallery. In years to come, Goliaszewski would like to see an expansion of the gallery and more artists coming to BSU in order to showcase their portfolio work. The gallery has previously brought in artists that are environmentalists, proof that other majors caNS-TG10n benefit as well from the gallery.

On January 28th, the gallery began showcasing the drawings of Jennifer Nelson a North Dakota artist. Nelson’s collection was known as the Space Between. The artist was inspired by story-telling and instance of time. On March 2nd, the Northern Clay Center is presenting the Six McKnight Artists, a tour exhibition coming to the gallery to display their clay work. Also in March the gallery will display the work of a painter.

Dana Danielson, Inventory Coordinator at BSU, stopped by at the gallery to take a moment to enjoy the art on February 12th. That same day Goliaszewski said, “If you see the world through someone else’s eyes, you become more sensitive to know how to react towards situations.”