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“The whispery night of the hollows were upon my friends and I, but one of my buddies had been looking a little seaweed-green for the past hour, when all of a sudden he comes out of the bathroom, dressed as Bruce Springsteen, mumbling to himself about the republican senate and government stipends as he gets in the car to go to a BSU hockey game. Just before the teams clash sticks, Mr. Springsteen looks at me, smiles the biggest smile I have ever seen and just coats the floor with Bemidji green. Though that was not exactly my favorite experience, I will never forget that big dumb Mickey Mouse grin on his face, which made it a Halloween I will not soon forget.”

-Sam, Junior

“One of my most memorable Halloween moments has got to be when I was in the third grade, dressed up in a red robe and hood, with a pitchfork. I went trick-or-treating, of course, and my parents were waiting for my brothers and me in our van. There were these big kids coming toward us so I got out of the way by stepping onto the grass, but all of a sudden, my foot felt very heavy and so did my pitchfork. I stepped in dog poop. At least I got away with some popcorn balls and bit-o-honey!”

-Mitch, Junior

A post from the heart…

“There are so many costumes to be considered and since Halloween only comes once a year it makes sense to go all out. We put on a costume and we’re allowed to forget who we really are. It’s a refreshing getaway from everyday life.

When I was little I never thought of Halloween with this mindset. I just wanted to dress up and get enough candy to rot my teeth out for the next couple months. What changed? We grew up. We’re no longer princesses, firemen, and astronauts walking down the streets with our candy pails. We’re too busy with school, jobs, and worrying about the next big step in our lives to slow down and enjoy the little things. That’s why Halloween is such an important holiday to be celebrated. It gives us an opportunity to press pause and incorporate our inner child into our busy adult lives.”

-Emma, Senior