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Author Encourages Students to Clean Up Online Profiles 

 By Whitney Jackson  

Ron McGowan, author of the international bestseller, “How to Find Work in the 21st Century: A Guide to Finding Employment in Today’s Workplace”, encourages students getting ready to graduate to clean up their online social media profiles.

McGowan asks students everywhere to stop and ask themselves, “What would a search of social media reveal about me?”

According to McGowan, employers and recruiters say about 40 percent of the applicants they review are rejected, with postings on Facebook and YouTube being one of the main reasons for this.

Thus, graduate unemployment in most countries is more than double the national rate. McGowan claims many graduates don’t realize they are a part of the problem because of their inappropriate behavior on social media.

“Today’s employment seeker must be more entrepreneurial and enterprising in his or her search for work than previous generations, and needs to be better at selling themselves,” McGowan writes in his book. “And they must understand the role social media plays in finding employment today and how to use it effectively.”

Students can clean up their online profiles by deleting inappropriate pictures and comments from their personal pages or by un-tagging themselves from pictures on their friend’s pages. Students can also do a “request for removal” from sites where they may be unable to delete a photo or comment themselves.

Overall, students should be conscious of what could negatively impact their plans post-graduation in relation to posting on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.