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Major and Career Expo—A Place for Students and Faculty 

By Kelsey Jacobson  

On Wednesday, November 4th, the Major and Career Expo will take place in the Beaux Arts Ballroom from 11 am until 1 pm. Before freshman register for spring semester, students will get the chance to meet with faculty representatives from each major in order to guide them toward what they are interested in regarding their college career at BSU. However, this event is not only for freshman. It is offered to students who are either in their second year of college or unsure of a major they want to go into.  Faculty from each department will meet with students on an individual basis to inform them on what their department is all about.

Not only is each department going to be represented at the Major and Career Expo, but student-run organizations and clubs can also represent themselves by having a table at the event in order to get students interested in the community and on campus. Last year 20 clubs and organizations participated in the Major and Career Expo and this year the Community Resource Connection and United Way will have a table for students interested in volunteer work within the community if they are seeking volunteer hours. This gives students an opportunity to seek out organizations they may be interested in joining spring semester.

Career Services will have a table where students can go to learn how they can use their strengths toward the field of study they may be interested in, and how they can use their current strengths to get a job or internship within their major. Students can get the opportunity to learn what their top 5 strengths are by taking the strengths quest through BSU Careers, and make it applicable toward placement in their major of study outside of BSU.

The International and Extended Learning offices will also be at the expo to assist students who have questions about study abroad opportunities; which is an opportunity for students to experience education outside of BSU and gain some real- world experience while receiving credits toward their liberal education studies. Students interested in studies after BSU can learn more about grad programs at next month’s expo as well.

Nancy Haugen, Associate Director of Career Services, wants students to know that this is an opportunity for faculty and students to meet one-on-one, and for students to not feel intimidated by faculty.

“Faculty appreciate the event because, it gives them an opportunity to answer questions and for them to showcase their major,” said Haugen.

Career Services will provide students an outlook for each major in regards to job titles, employers, and placement rates within a year after college. The Advising Success Center will also be able to help students get a tutor for a class, guide them towards changing advisors, and answer any other questions they may have.

Career Services and the Advising Success Center has put this event on for over ten years at BSU in the month of November for students to meet with faculty in an informal way instead of going to their offices. Last year about 200 students attended the event. “This is a one-stop-shop that helps students start the conversation and gives them an opportunity to do a follow up with faculty,” said Haugen.

At the event students will get a sheet of questions they can ask faculty representatives. This will help students find out about the majors they are considering going into. Also, free food, door prizes, and beverages will be provided to students during the event sponsored by Career Services and The Advising Success Center.