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Trick-or-Treating: College Style

By Nolan Brey

Photo by Kelsey Jacobson

Few traditions are as timeless as trick-or-treating. For generations, children have donned their favorite costumes and traveled door to door in their incessant quest for sugary goodness.

On Thursday, October 28th, two days before Halloween, the residence halls of Bemidji State University opened their doors to trick-or-treaters from 5 PM to 7 PM. Hundreds of children knocked on dorm doors and the amount of candy distributed could put the Comstock Lode to shame.

Photo by Kelsey Jacobson

Residents participating in the event signed up ahead of time and then placed an orange pumpkin sign on their doors to alert children of the candy potential that was held within.

Many rooms ran out of candy quickly and going through two or three large bags was not uncommon. Soon, residents were seen begging their neighbors for more candy to give out to the children.

One student, who wishes to remain anonymous had this to say about the event:
“We ran out of candy. I gave one kid a pumpkin. His mom told him not to take it, but I gave it to him anyway.”

Some costume highlights include: the Jolly Green Giant, Facebook (a book covering a boy’s face), an excellent Jack Sparrow, a miniature penguin, and many more. Also spotted were seven or eight superheroes of varying degree.

Happy Halloween, Bemidji State!