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Major and Career Expo—Preparing Students for their Future

By Kelsey Jacobson

Student Interaction
Student Interaction Photo by Kelsey Jacobson

On Wednesday, November 4th, 144 students stopped by the Major and Career Expo in the Beaux Arts Ballroom to meet and greet with faculty and student organizations.

Last year the event was held in late October and brought in about 210 students. This year 20 student organizations participated in the event to get students involved outside of classes and into volunteer opportunities within their field of study. There were a few new organizations and upcoming clubs that were at the event as well, making students aware that there is life outside of going to and from class. Each club offered many different opportunities to get involved on campus, and to acquire skills within the leadership roles offered.

Amnesty International is a new club on campus and is actively bringing awareness to students on human rights.

“This is awesome and I’m glad they put this event on instead of just having the Beaver Organization Bash,” said Jadie Hunt who is a student active within the Amnesty International Club. “It makes us visible and is a positive difference for students.”

Student Advising
Student Advising Photo by Kelsey Jacobson

Eugene Strowbridge, a founder of Amnesty International, talked about their next event on letter writing cases that involve people wrongfully jailed within foreign countries. The group will be tabling in the HMU in December to get students to sign petitions to support the families and people who have been jailed for the wrong reasons.

The Advising Success Center was also at the expo to help guide students who had not registered or who didn’t know how to register for classes. Some common information provided to students by the Advising Success Center included: how to set up a meeting with an advisor, how to receive an access code, and how to understand a DARS report in order to determine what to register for in Spring semester as a freshman, sophomore, or undecided student.

Zachary Johnson, Director of the Advising Success Center, wants to see students come to Bemidji State University and be successful.

Faculty Interaction
Faculty Interaction Photo by Kelsey Jacobson

“We want to let students know that we are here, because many students don’t know about our office on campus,” said Hailee Cohoes, a peer advisor from the Advising Success Center. “This event is a great resource for students who are undecided.”

Marissa Blumhoefer another peer advisor talked about how students come into the Advising Success Center when it is already too late and wished they had come in sooner.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for students, and is a one-stop-shop to experience many disciplines and what they can offer,” said Carla Norris-Raynbird, Associate Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies Gender Studies. Carla has also found many people wanting to customize their degree as an undergraduate, and wants students to understand what majors fit with a minor without looking backward and instead looking forward. Carla highlighted that a sign of a good faculty member is a professor who tells students what is available to them within a vast spectrum of what BSU has to offer.

“This is a wonderful event, I didn’t have a clear decision when I was in school,” said Tom Beech, a Political Science professor. He went on to say how this event gives students an opportunity to weigh their options. “Career Services did a wonderful job with this event,” said Beech.

“This is a terrific opportunity for students to see different majors and to help us, too,” said Stacy Jergenson, Assistant Professor of the Criminal Justice Department. Jergenson is a new faculty member here at BSU and wants students to understand and work toward setting themselves apart with a use of a minor within their field of study.

Students and Faculty  Photo by Kelsey Jacobson
Students and Faculty
Photo by Kelsey Jacobson

“This helped me figure out what path I wanted to take with my two majors,” said Michelle Endersbe, a freshman majoring in Elementary Education and Nursing.

“It’s a good opportunity to know what all of BSU has to offer,” said Christa Benson, a freshman majoring in Art Design. Benson went on to say after the event that it was fun to see a wide variety of interests at BSU and a variety of activities.