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International Program Center Shares Eurospring with Students

By Stacey Kaslon

Two weeks ago, the International Program Center director, Cherish Hagen-Swanson, held informational sessions in the Ozawindib room on campus about the Eurospring experience for students planning to attend this spring and for those interested in learning more about the program.

Eurospring, a five-week program, offers BSU students the opportunity to study at Oxford University while earning up to nine BSU credits. They must have a 2.5 GPA and be at least a sophomore during the trip.

Shortly after settling in their seats, the students had the opportunity to listen to Dr. John Truedson, professor and physics department chair, share his experiences as a previous program director.

Truedson assured them, though classes are important, Eurospring is about the experience abroad. He shared the many unique opportunities students enjoy close to campus.

Students listen to Eurospring session. Photo by Stacey Kaslon.
Students listen to Eurospring session.
Photo by Stacey Kaslon.

“Christ’s Church where Harry Potter was filmed is really close by,” said Truedson. “Students seem to really enjoy that.”

He explained that they have a lot of free time and that it is easy and inexpensive to travel by bus or


“Many students travel to London or the continent,” said Truedson.

When asked by a student how to prepare for the trip, Hagen-Swanson encouraged her to plan ahead and begin early—a year ahead, if possible.

She also prompted the students to check with Financial Aid to see if their scholarships and grants are eligible to help cover the cost of approximately $8,000 to attend.

At the end of the session, both Truedson and Hagen-Swanson advised those who are going this spring to enroll in the preparatory course (INTL 1130), get a passport through a passport acceptance facility (this includes post offices) and apply as soon as possible at the International Program Center (Deputy 103) or online at the program’s website:

http://www.bemidjistate.edu/services/international/education-abroad/eurospring/ .