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Deck the dorms with… 

By Rebecca Carvell 

The Holidays are quickly a12309382_1022743151098715_918784454_npproaching, your dorm room is bland and you ask yourself, “how can I fix this?”

For starters, if you don’t have much for “real” money you can head on down to The Lodge or C3 as some call it, and pick up some lights to string around your room using Beaver Bucks. The lights available at The Lodge are a great choice and add a little holiday cheer to your personal space. There are three different light sets to choose from and the prices range from $5 – $15 dollars depending on the light count. They are very versatile and can be strung in windows or laced on the underside of a loft.

After hanging a few lights, perhaps you even want to decorate your door. The Lodge has holiday wrapping paper, tissue paper and holiday tags that you can purchase to make your decorating dreams come true.

However, if The Lodge doesn’t have enough decorations for you, places like Hobby Lobby have half-off their decorations at this time. Target and Walmart are also good places to go for a wide selection of holiday decorations. Some items are a little more expensive than others but Target does have small USB trees that light up and range from only $5 – $15 dollars—how’s that for easy decorating?

12308898_1022743114432052_160437730_nThe Dollar Tree is another fun place to go if you’re running low on cash and are struggling with ideas of what to buy for your friends on campus. With their wide selection of holiday-themed candy and other items all for a dollar you can make a multitude of friends happy without breaking the bank.

A great idea for friends is to make ready-to-go hot chocolate ornaments. Simply go to Walmart and purchase a few clear round ornaments for under a dollar. Then, pick up a funnel, hot chocolate mix, and tiny marshmallows.

Create a work station, open the ornaments, hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, and the ornament topper. Be sure to measure your hot chocolate to whatever amount your brand specifies. Funnel it into the ornament, then funnel in the marshmallows. Once it is filled you will have to put the lid on it and then add your personal touch by taking a sharpie and writing your friend’s name or simply, “Happy Holidays!”