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It’s On Us

By Melissa Mathies


Campuses across the nation are standing together to put an end to sexual abuse on college campuses. Students here at Bemidji State University have taken a stand against the issue this year and have put together a public service announcement for BSU’s fight against it.

Around 20 students, faculty, and staff got together this fall and made a video in regards to the issue at hand. One in five women and one in seven men are affected by sexual abuse on campus. These numbers continue to rise.

The purpose of the video is to spread awareness and spur BSU into action. In the video, they discuss the need to take a stand, to stop ignoring the problem, and to be ‘proactive’ instead of ‘reactive.’ One is one too many.

“I don’t think anyone should be in fear of something that can be preventable. During the week of action I got to talk to people about sexual assault. A lot of the people I talked to said they thought there probably was a problem but didn’t know for sure because no one talks about it,” Tia Hinz, a student who helped organize the project, explained.

According to www.Bestcolleges.com, The White House Task Force released a study showing where the numbers are. Around sixty-two percent of sexual abuse victims reported being attacked by their intimate partner, twenty-one percent were by acquaintances, seventeen percent by strangers, and around 7 percent were by relatives.

There are ways to reduce the risks of attacks or if already attacked, to reduce the chance of being raped. According to www.Bestcolleges.com, if the victim fights back, runs, struggles, hides, or calls for help it reduces the risk.

Safety Guides to follow, according to www.bestcolleges.com are to limit your alcohol consumption, never leave your drink unattended, don’t drink from a communal alcohol source, and don’t accept a drink from a stranger.

It is also important to follow your gut in any situation, if a situation makes you uncomfortable, leave. It is also important to stick by your friends when you are out, keep an eye out for each other and help each other get home.

If you are a victim, it is important to get help immediately. First, get to a secure and safe location. Then contact the authorities. It is important to then go seek medical attention. It is also important to seek help afterwards.

Learn more at www.bestcolleges.com/resources/preventing-sexual-assault and check out the BSU PSA at www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMzVb9DaoAM.


This is it BSU, it is up to us to put an end to sexual abuse on college campuses.