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Headwaters Film Fest — Calling all Students

By Kelsey Jacobson

BSU student Erika Huff has fond memories of working on last year’s Headwaters Film Festival. “On the last day of the Film Festival, in the closing ceremonies, we all walked on stage to be recognized. I felt so accomplished at what we did. Not one of us could have done it without the other,” she said

Headwaters film festival logo - Designer, Mariah Wolf
Film Festival Logo, Designed by Mariah Wolf

Huff, a junior majoring in Marketing Communications, is the director of this year’s Headwaters Film Fest and last year was her first year working with other students in the Headwaters Film Festival class. This year, Huff is taking on the role of the Film Festival Director, overseeing all the positions within the committees. She will work alongside Debra Sea, the faculty advisor of the Headwaters Film Fest, to plan the festival.

Every year, a film is chosen to be the People’s Choice Award. Last year, Mass Communication chair Virgil Bakken’s Single Camera Field Productions class received the award for their video on Aaron Clafton, a BSU senior who wrote and produced his own record, “Running Wild.”

“Last year’s attendance went up 300 percent,” Huff said. In 2014, 100 people attended the festival while in 2015, 300 people attended. A lot of international films were submitted; however, this year Huff would like to see more local works submitted.

“The Film Festival is an international student competition to plan, organize, and implement a large event,” said Sea. It was founded by Bakken, chair of Mass Communication Department, four years ago.

When Sea took over the Film Festival last year, she wanted to get students involved.  “It provides students real life experience, where they get to run the show and Deb is just there for support,” said Huff.

The Film Fest will be in the Bangsberg Main Theater at BSU on Thursday, March 1st from 1 PM until 7 PM and Friday, April 1st from 1 PM to 7 PM.


How to submit your film:

  • Submit films to website: FilmFestivalLife.com
  • Films must be under 15 minutes
  • Films must be completed within two years by a student
  • Regular deadline: February 1, 2016 ($5 submission fee)
  • Late deadline: March 1, 2016 ($15 submission fee)

For questions, email Debra Sea at dsea@bemidjistate.edu