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Humans of BSU

By Carli-Rae Manjorin

Interview with Megan Evesladge, Freshman:


Q: “Why do you think you have nine lives?”

A: “I’m basically a cat, I never die. It began my freshman year of high school, I was on a paddleboat with friends and the paddleboat sank in the middle of the lake. It was the beginning of spring, the ice had just melted so it was freezing. It took us 45 minutes to swim back to shore because of the wind. Once we got back to the shore, we were greeted by EMS because thankfully people saw us sinking and called for help. When I was in the ambulance they had to use a warm saline drip to help get me back to a normal temperature because I had hypothermia.

One week later, I rolled my ankle at soccer practice but doctors thought it was a fracture. I was in crutches and a walking cast for two weeks. After that, I began playing soccer again and got a mild concussion. After my concussion I tore my ACL and Meniscus at my next soccer game. I had to have surgery one month later. I had to take off from soccer my sophomore year but my junior year I rolled my ankle a second time at practice and got a major concussion at the following game.

Megan Ev
Megan Evesladge sits in the comfort of her dorm room. 

A few weeks later in my junior gym class we were playing softball in a batting cage. Someone in my class was up to bat, went to swing and let go of their bat, hitting me in my head. I had to get three stitches and lost a large amount of blood. Then last year, my senior year of high school, I was driving around a curve and slid off the road hitting a tree. Everyone got out of the car safely except me. I was stuck in my car, my left foot was stuck in the door and my dash was stabbed into my right knee. I couldn’t move or feel my legs and once they pulled me out, doctors thought I would be paralyzed. I wound up breaking my fibula, right toe, and nose that day along with crushing my left foot and having some pretty bad whiplash.

My doctor told my family that the driver shouldn’t have survived that crash. I’ve been called a miracle. Overall, I guess I could say I’m a bit of a bad cat—very unlucky.”