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Fighting the Darkness

By Melissa Mathies

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, it can be hard to find the energy to do the things you would normally do. Limited exposure to the light can cause a chemical in our brain called serotonin to become lower than it normally would be.

Scientists say that we should get up to thirty minutes of sunlight per day. When the weather gets cold and blustery it can be hard to find motivation to go outside. Buena Vista, a ski resort in Bemidji offers skiing, snow tubing and snowboarding and is a great way to get outside and enjoy the sun.

Having less exposure to sun can make us tired and lower our moods. A good way to combat this is by going out with friends and having fun. The CEC Theater in Bemidji offers $5 movies on Tuesdays for any movie. Bemidji State places a newly released movie on Friday and Saturday nights as well, posters advertising the movie can be found throughout campus and would be a great way to combat the darkness.

When it becomes too much to even go out, sitting in the sun that streams in through windows is a great way to soak up the vitamin D, or going to the center for Student Health and Counseling and visiting with one of the counselors on campus can help lift your mood. The library offers rooms that hold lights that resemble the sun. Check out the library for more information.

Another great resource to combat the darkness is a Himalayan Salt lamp. These lamps are made from natural sources. The salt releases negative ions into your environment which is what we inhale when we are in natural settings such as a waterfall. It is believed that the ions that are released help increase serotonin levels which help with our moods. The lamp also helps with sleep, energy, and to relieve stress. They can be bought at most large department stores at a reasonably low price.

There are ways we can fight against the darkness until the sun and warmth comes back in the spring, so just remember to stay healthy and to take care of yourself, BSU.