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Sex and Sundaes

Lifestyle Educators handed out sundaes to students during Beaver Treats.

“Don’t not have sex, have safe sex” was the message given by Jessica Havel, President of Lifestyle Educators as the organization passed out sundaes to students today in the Hobson Upper Union.

The Bemidji State University Lifestyle educators hosted Beaver Treats today to help connect with students and talk about safe sex. Sexual Responsibility Week started on Feb. 8 and ends on Feb. 12. Group members passed out sundaes to help break the ice and get students involved in talking about having safe sex.

“While around this romantic holiday (Valentine’s Day) we want students to have the resources and information to have safe sex,” Courtney Peterson said, elaborating on the timing of Sexual Responsibility Week.

On a typical Thursday, Beaver Treats bring in an average of 45-60 attendees, but today approximately 100 people attended. While there were a lot of regular event goers, there were also a lot of people attending Beaver Treats for the first time

Bemidji State University junior Isaac Hanson said “Sexual awareness can’t be stressed enough because we are in college and sex is a part of life,” as he scooped out the last bit of chocolate covered ice cream from his bowl. “What they are doing is morally right.”

The Lifestyle Educators are active on campus to promote healthy lifestyle choices among peers. They host numerous events to initiate conversation about suicide prevention, alcohol awareness and de-stressing. “The overall goal of Lifestyle Educators is to promote healthy lifestyle choices for BSU students,” Jessica Havel said.

This week, the Lifestyle Educators aim to bring awareness about sexual responsibility. Along with Beaver Treats, they have hosted multiple events around campus including a sexual assault panel, a Romantic Bedroom Display and a condom survey.

Lifestyle Educators handed out condom stickers as a reminder to be safe while having sex.

The Sexual Assault Panel was held on Tuesday so people are aware of what to do if they, or someone they know, are sexually assaulted including the legal and medical processes that may arise.

The condom survey, being held all week at the Romantic Bedroom Display, is to give students the opportunity to voice their opinions on the Kimono condoms that are currently being provided on campus to students. They are looking into offering other condom brands due to numerous complaints about the current one.

Lifestyle Educators will be promoting sexual responsibility throughout the rest of the week. Lifestyle Educator Tia Hinz said, “That’s what this is all about, trying to get out the awareness about safe sex and even if we help one person, it is totally worth it.”

Story by Arica Jolicoeur, Brianna Boner, Ellen Lescarbeau, Sabrina Okeson, Shelana Ysen