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StarID Spring Change Over

By Andrea Nadeau

By now every student at BSU should hopefully have received an email about the new changes coming with StarID. If you skimmed by it, or haven’t checked your email in a while, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Andy Bartlett, the Associate Director of Communications and Marketing got in touch with the Northern Student to raise more awareness about the changes come to BSU concerning the StarIDs all students and faculty have. It’s a service that the school provides via MnSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) that everyone can use.

Bartlett wanted students to be aware that BSU and NTC will be taking part of a conversion to using our StarIDs as our main login for wifi, email, D2L, on computers in the labs, and for MyBSU. It’s a MnSCU initiative to centralize authentication. NTC will be making the switch on March 1st, and faculty at BSU will be making the switch on March 8th. Students at BSU won’t be making the switch until March 10th, but it’s important that you take care of it right away, since it’s not an optional change over.

At a public forum led by Jim Dillemuth, the Interim Chief Information Officer, on February 11th, the switch to using StarIDs was explained. Over the years there have been some complaints that there are too many usernames and passwords to remember, so the change with StarID will make it so that you don’t have to remember multiples of both. Now you will have just your StarID and one password. Another cool feature that will be a part of the change is that the StarID you have can transfer to any MnSCU school.

Dillemuth said it’s expected to have some issues at the beginning of this change, and that Mac computers will be a bit different to change over. He said the main reason it will be an issue is on the morning of March 10th when the wifi at BSU will kick you off until you get changed over to the new StarID login. Thankfully the IT staff will be helping people get the hang of it. They will be tabling on March 10th through the 11th at Walnut from 7-10am and at Lakeside from 11am-1pm to help any students struggling with the new login. All their helpful articles online on how to log in will be updated as well.

There will be another open forum about the StarID changes on February 22nd in the Crying Wolf Room if anyone has questions or wants to learn more.