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Classes You Never Thought You Would Love

By Kelsey Jacobson

When it comes to picking classes, students at Bemidji State University try not to pay for classes they think will be boring and useless. College students often choose their classes based on descriptions online, while some rely on word of mouth. Yet there are students at BSU that have taken classes they believed were going to be a total flop but ended up being a huge success.

Maddy Gregory, a BSU senior majoring in Technology, Art, and Design, decided to take Design Management last year, because it was recommended by her advisor. When she signed up for the class, Gregory had preconceived notions: it was going to be a hard class, many projects were going to be assigned, and it would require her to put in many hours of hard work.

Gregory knew the class wasn’t going to be offered every year, and knew the professor Randy Acker would be able to provide valuable insight due to his personal experience working at Exhibitor Magazine.

“I actually had a really fun time in that class,” Gregory said. “The atmosphere of it all and Acker’s way of teaching was really great.”

Gregory explained her class as relaxed in a way that also facilitated learning. Acker was able to make the material easy to understand even when he had to talk to students over the Webinar, another platform like Skype, when he was at his other job.

Grant Anderson, a Computer Science major at BSU, decided to take Public Speaking last semester. When he signed up for the class, Anderson didn’t know if he was going to do well, or if he would be able to talk in front of a group of students because of the requirements. This scared him.

Yet within two weeks, his professor Donna Pawlowski was encouraging and showed him the many different types of speeches and how to put an outline together. “It was a really fun class, not as scary as you would think as long as you practice,” Anderson said.

Last year Cody Madison, an English major at BSU, decided to sign up for Digital Humanities. He didn’t know what the class was about, all he knew was that it was going to be boring. Madison reminisced on looking at social media in relation to art in the class. “It was way more interesting than I thought it would be,” he said.

When it comes to signing up for summer or fall classes this year, try something new, BSU!