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Career Services Lends Hand in Internship Search

By Kelsey Jacobson

When it comes to finding an internship, students often don’t know where to look or how to get started. The BSU and NTC Job and Internship Fair in March will help students engage in conversation as to what type of internship they are looking for. The conversation can also lead to finding an internship within the local Bemidji area with the help of the Neilson Foundation.

Within the last three years, Career Services has seen a large turnout with employers signing up to find the right students for their internships or summer programs around the state of Minnesota. Twenty employers have already signed up and Career Services hopes to fill the space again with diverse employers.

Last year, Molly Aitkin-Julin, the Internship and Employment Coordinator for Bemidji State University, discussed how many employers found themselves on the waiting list. The event had 72 employers in the Beaux Arts Ballroom. “We literally cannot fit another table in here,” Julin thought.

According to The National Association of College and Employers, job fairs give students exposure in front of a diverse perspective of employers. It also gives them a chance to branch out and see what internship opportunity would work for them, and network themselves for a chance to get an internship that can lead into a job upon graduation.

The event will push students to look at employers from a different perspective than before. Students will need to be able to have their thirty second commercial about themselves ready beforehand and be prepared for questions. It is important for students to know they should do some research on the company beforehand and to dress up. Also, bring copies of your resume that have been critiqued by Career Services.

The George W. Neilson Foundation, something students may not know much about, is a way for students to give back to the community and to gain experience before graduation. The program offers students a chance to have an internship in Bemidji and to gain real life experience. This is the fifth year of the foundation, yet it has seen success already. According to Julin, it is possible for a student to be a part of an internship and to then be offered a job upon graduating from Bemidji State University. According to Julin, 73 percent of students have extended their internship with their employer.

Not only will the BSU and NTC Fair on March 30th help students become comfortable with presenting themselves, it will also give students a chance to find jobs within the Bemidji area, while giving them an opportunity to expand their horizons.