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Outdoors and Out of a Funk

By Stacey Kaslon

Four months of whiteouts, dark tunnels, and limitless Netflix has infected students across campus with cabin fever—irritability and restlessness from living in a confined indoor area for a prolonged period.

Proven by experts—and, yes, the Mythbusters—to be more than a myth, cabin fever can affect anyone. Though eating junk food, binge watching and snuggling in a snuggie seems like a good idea, they can be the worst things that you can do in this situation.

Bemidji alone offers a variety of outdoor exercises. From easing in a beginner to satisfying a thrill-seeker, students can go snowshoeing, sledding, ice skating, snowboarding and skiing within a fifteen mile radius of campus.

Photo by Stacey Kaslon
Photo by Stacey Kaslon

Snowshoeing is the simplest way to get out and about on a budget. The Gillett Recreation-Fitness Center offers one-day snowshoe rental for $5 or three-day rental for $10. Beyond walking across campus, students are able to snowshoe through Diamond Point Park or trek across the lake to the Bemidji State Park for a chance to spot wildlife and enjoy a stress-releasing walk through the woods.

From cross country to downhill to freestyle, skiing and snowboarding opportunities are also available to BSU students. The Rec. Center offers cross country ski rentals for $5-$10 and the Bemidji State Park offers beautiful trails just across the lake. Also an option not too far away, Buena Vista Ski Area offers a variety of slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities to enjoy the weather with friends by their side. This way, you both have someone to pick you up if you fall.

To cure cabin fever there are many recreational options available for every level of activity and budget. No matter the activity chosen to remedy the fever, above all else, it is highly recommended that each dosage be taken while having fun with friends.