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On Campus or Off Campus: Making the Right Choice For You

By Rebecca Carvell

It’s that time of year again. Now is the time to decide where to live next year. There are a few options as students can live on campus, or off campus in a house or apartment. However, with the chilly temperatures and urge to go fishing, students may even consider buying a permanent ice house and setting up camp on the lake.

Andrew Roller, a senior majoring in Geography, said that he gets more for his money off campus and that he loves having his own yard and garage. Roller is still able to go hang out in the dorms but he can go home to his own space away from others afterward.

Off-campus students have to create their own rules and be able to follow through with them. There aren’t many conveniences that a student off campus is missing out on compared to living on campus. A student off campus learns responsibility and budgeting both time and money to be able to keep up on rent, school, and work.

Dr. Randall Ludeman, Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life, wants students to invest their time in a decision that works best for them. However, he also wants to remind students of the benefits of living on campus. Such as, a quick access to food and classes. Also, Ludeman notes, the graduation rates and GPA retention are higher for on-campus students.

Rebekah Pitassi, a senior majoring in English, has lived both on and off campus. On-campus students are given one set payment to pay at the beginning of the year, which means no worrying about going short on money each month. If amount of space is an issue, there are plenty of different options. Students can have a suite with two or three others, a solo room or a double room or a dorm apartment. Each option has a varying amount of space and privacy.

The one thing Pitassi misses is being able to personalize her room but she appreciates that on-campus students are surrounded by CAs, PAAs and other staff to help enforce rules and keep chaos under control.

The most important thing is that you make the decision that is right for you. “Don’t go with what is the “cool” route, go with what is best for you,” Pitassi says, which is always important to remember.