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Is Med School for you?

By Melissa Mathies

Have you ever considered a career in medicine? Have you often thought that it is too much work and you need to jump through too many hurdles to get in? Stress not. Virginia Chavez, an executive at Blue tone Marketing and Public Relations, claims that although applying to medical school can be daunting, it is possible to do.

According to Harvard Medical School, “Students are successful in their medical studies regardless of undergraduate concentration, providing that they have had adequate science preparation.”

At Bemidji State University, students are required to take at least eight credits of science courses to begin with. Harvard Medical School also states, “Students are urged to strive for a balanced and liberal education rather than specialized training. No preference is given to applicants who have majored in the sciences or those who have majored in the humanities.”

According to this, as students we are encouraged to take a wide variety of classes instead of just sticking to our intended study. So take that science class that sounds interesting to you. Or take that Business class. According to Harvard, it will help in the long run if you are interested in a job in medicine.

Chavez has a checklist that she recommends students to use when considering a career in medicine. The first thing to do is check to make sure your undergrad courses are prerequisites commonly wanted by medical schools. Some include general biology, physics with lab, general chemistry with lab, organic chemistry with lab, calculus, English, sociology, and psychology.

The second thing to do is find a program that helps prospective students get into the med school of their chose. A program Chavez recommends is COPE’s Summer Pre-Med Scholar Program. This program provides training, clinical experience, and med school admission workshops.

If you are interested in COPE’s summer program you can call them at (213)259-0246 or email them at admissions@copehealthsolutions.org. It is also recommended that you talk to experts in your field, get a mentor, and join a program like COPE.

If Med-school is your dream, the possibility is closer than you think. Check out your DARS report and see if you have the recommended courses completed or in progress and be sure to check out pre-med programs to learn more.