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Vinyl is Making a Comeback

Story and photos by Kelsey Jacobson

When it comes to music, students these days are wanting to get their hands on vinyl records. They want to hear their favorite bands with true, raw sound instead of the new and advanced technology of today, such as cellular devices. Vinyl is starting to make a comeback and record stores are becoming more and more popular.

National Record Sale Day will be held on Saturday, April 16 to celebrate the never-ending love for vinyl records that is truly shared by all ages. Even college students are turning to the 70’s and the 80’s for their taste in music.Radio Day

At Brigid’s Pub on the third Saturday of April, KAXE/KBXE, the local radio station in Grand Rapids also called Northern Community Radio, will be selling used records still in good condition for cheap. The sale is celebrating independent record stores that still exist and are thriving across the world, such as the one in Duluth, MN, our northern neighbor.

National Record Sale Day was founded in 2005. Every year now, National Record Sale Day brings in fans, artists, and independent record stores across the world. Typically, records are released specifically for Record Sale Day and are distributed to shops who participate in the event in celebration of keeping music and shops alive. For this year’s new music released there will be albums sold by David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Madonna, Patti Smith, Frank Zappa, and the Doors.

If you have old vinyl records that you would like get rid of or pass on, you can go down to the radio station and drop them off. They will also be having live music throughout the day featuring Corey Medina & Brothers (Bemidji group) and Dead Pigeons (Mpls group), as well as vinyl being spun all afternoon. The sale will run from 12-5pm.

Take a break and enjoy sifting through records from today, yesterday, and tomorrow and see what music is right for you on National Record Sale Day in Bemidji at Brigid’s with some good company and food to celebrate the comeback of the vinyl. You never know what you will find down at the local pub in downtown Bemidji. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the live music of locally known bands within the Bemidji area to kick off National Record Sale Day, because without the musicians, there would be no vinyl.