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Thrift Shopping—The New Way to Upgrade your Wardrobe

Story and photos by Kelsey Jacobson

With a new season approaching, college students are looking for new ways to upgrade their wardrobe without spending the department store price. Consignment stores often known as thrift stores give students a chance to drop off their unwanted clothing, while receiving the opportunity to choose between in store credit or cash once their items have been priced and placed on the floor for re-sale.

Once spring hits in Bemidji, students are often looking for an excuse to get rid of their old clothing that has been sitting in their closet over the fall and winter months and hasn’t been touched since. With the warmer temperatures of spring comes the dread of spring cleaning for college students. This means that at least every year clothing needs to be upgraded or recycled in order to make room for clothing pieces that are going to serve as signature staples of your wardrobe.Thrift Shopping 2

The best place to find these staple pieces to fit with your pre-existing wardrobe are at thrift stores. Thrift stores offer a lot of different pieces of clothing that cannot be found at the typical department stores here in Bemidji, such as Gliks and Vanity.

Clothing styles are always changing at department stores, so it is hard to stay fashionable without spending a ton of money. College students would rather trade in their old clothing to get a few new pieces in order to update their wardrobe without spending a ton of money.

Consignment stores, such as Uptown, offer a wide selection of clothing that fits any type of style. Typically, Uptown’s cliental offer clothing that is able to serve as staple pieces for any college women’s wardrobe. Uptown is a new thrift store up and running located near Cherry Berry in Bemidji. They are the only store in Bemidji that offers a wide selection of women’s clothing that is affordable, and are able to give you in-store credit or cash within 24 hours of dropping off your clothes for re-sale.

Making a change to your wardrobe may just give it back the life it’s been missing.