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A Heads Up on the Festival of Nations

By Andrea Nadeau & Jessie Battistini

The Festival of Nations is coming up on April 13th this year, falling on a Wednesday and beginning at 4 pm, lasting until 8 PM. There is a bit of change from last year when it was on a weekend, but this change will hopefully attract more students to stop by after classes at the end of the day. Another change to look forward to is that there is going to be a bigger focus this year on the activities during the festival.

These new activities include performances, exhibitions, and food from different parts of the world all put together and presented to increase cultural sharing and understanding. This festival is open to anyone and everyone who is open to learning about cultures around the world and get a real life taste of what it’s like. The Festival of Nations is known for its extravagant and wide range of delicious food that is similar to the recipes other cultures use.

The festival is put on by many people, including some of the international students studying here at Bemidji State. They are sharing their cultures with us and we are able to get to learn a lot from them at the festival. The students cook various dishes native to their culture and homelands to share with the students and faculty at BSU and they put a lot of work into making it a great experience for everyone. So mark it on your calendar for April because it’s going to be a great event!