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Ink Warriors–A Place for All

By Kelsey Jacobson

Three years ago, two friends at Bemidji State, Jennifer Von Ohlen and Heather Wehling, now BSU Alumni, wanted to give students an opportunity to submit their work, get critiqued, and be provided individual feedback before their work was submitted to their professors for a grade. Thus, the girls created the group Ink Warriors.

Even though English classes like Intro to Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction I and II, and Fiction I and II, provide students with a workshop format, the girls decided to give students a place to submit their written work outside of school as well. The group soon was able to give students the opportunity to learn more about themselves as writers.

Ink Warriors accepts anything from students of all majors, such as; lyrics, graphic novels, plays, and nonfiction. The club will also provide advice on research papers from students who would like to work on their craft instead of their mechanics, which is often dealt with at the Writing Resource Center.

In order to properly submit their work, students and group members can upload their work to the group’s Facebook page on the Saturday before the weekly meeting. The group is then able to print it off, read through it, and make comments. Students can submit one big piece or two short pieces of written work, and are allowed to submit again once other students have.

“Our group has diminished over the years,” Shannon McDonald, a BSU Creative and Professional Writing major, said. Currently there are only four members left out of what used to be a group of eight to ten members when the club first started here at BSU. The group, however, is always looking and accepting new members. They also participate in several on-campus events such as, the Reading Spotlight and the Beaver Organizational Bash, or BOB.

When Shannon graduates this year, her hope is that the club will go on without her and will still be known on campus as a resource for students to use. Ink Warriors meets every Thursday at 7pm in the lower Hobson Memorial Union by Java City.