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BSU Cheerleading Tryouts Soon to Begin

By Carli-Rae Manjorin

Bemidji State University will be hosting tryouts next month for Football, Basketball and Hockey Cheerleading on April 30th from 12pm-5pm in the Gillett Recreation Center, on campus. In order to participate in tryouts, you must also participate in the cheerleading clinics, on April 26th, 28th and 29th from 6-8pm in John Glas Fieldhouse. New to this year is Basketball Cheer and will be an addition to Football cheer. This year, applicants can choose to try out for Football/Basketball cheerleading or Hockey cheerleading, but not both.

If students are wanting to tryout, it’s important to remember to bring your biggest smile, water and tennis shoes. No experience is required and everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a retired dancer, gymnast, figure skater or have always had a heart for cheer, anyone can dominate tryouts with hard work and determination.

Football Cheer '15-16 Photo provided by Carli-Rae Manjorin.
Football Cheer ’15-16
Photo provided by Carli-Rae Manjorin.

Here are a few tips to help you get through tryouts:

  1. Smile Big — Facials always count in cheerleading and are a large aspect of the sport. You need to be smiling and happy even if the team is losing.
  2. Listen — In order to memorize and properly demonstrate your knowledge of the cheers and dances, you need to pay attention. Ask questions if you’re confused, and never be afraid to ask to slow down or for some clarification if you can’t keep up.
  3. Confidence — Always be confident. The crowds at games don’t know your routines so if you mess up keep smiling and stay confident. Don’t be afraid to own your mistakes, but don’t let them define you.
  4. Practice — When you learn a new cheer or dance at the clinic try to practice them at home. Repetition makes a big difference when attempting to memorize a new cheer or dance.
  5. Have Fun — Cheerleading is one of the most difficult but most rewarding sports out there. Don’t be afraid to let loose and laugh because in time, your team will be like your second family by the end of the year.

BSU Cheer invites everyone to tryout, so hopefully we will see you there, BSU!