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Culture Shock Club–Bringing Diversity to BSU

By Kelsey Jacobson

Harley Waller, President of Culture Shock, met Dr. Yongsok Kim, professor of Criminal Justice, while she was waiting for a package in Pine Hall. She saw that Dr. Kim was on his computer typing in Korean and they soon got to talking about starting a group on campus that involved students from different cultures.

Dr. Kim decided to reach out to the Chinese Scholars here on campus, so they could teach the group Chinese. Dr. Kim also spoke to the Dean, Dr. Martin Tadlock Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at BSU, about forming Culture Shock Club. Kim’s vision was to make it a place for students to go and learn more about one another. So far the club has not had any public events on campus, because they were not able to get funding last fall semester though SAFAC, but their goals for promoting Culture Shock Club remain high.

“To me, I think students are afraid of other countries,” President Harley Waller said. “Culture Shock Club is a place where students can go and learn the nature of different countries.” In the future, the club would like to gain more diversity and participate in events on campus at BSU.

Culture Shock Club meets Fridays at 4 pm.
Culture Shock Club meets Fridays at 4 pm.

The club meets Fridays at 4pm and on Sundays at 3pm in Bensen Hall 321, Dr. Kim teaches Korean language to the students.