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End of the Year Motivation Boosters

By Kenzie Nordquist

As the spring semester comes to a close and spring fever is in the air, it can be difficult to stay motivated to focus on school work and finish out the semester strong. There are a few things, however, that can help you strive and make the best out of the last few weeks.

If you’re feeling restless and can’t concentrate on those final papers due to finals week, head over to the Gillett Recreation-Fitness Center. Fitness classes such as Zumba or Yoga are offered at various times throughout the week and can help burn some of that pent up energy. For a single class, the cost is only seven dollars to participate. On the occasion that Minnesota spring is feeling generous, take a walk, or go for a run, in Diamond Point Park or rent a bicycle from the Rec Center and bike around the lake.

For those of you struggling with concentrating because of your living environments, there are quieter places to study around campus. The library has a variety of study places and resources to help you finish final papers and study for finals. If you have an hour or two between classes, the upper level of Lakeside has booths and isn’t as chaotic as the lower level can be. Sometimes the sound might not bother you but being in your room might be a distraction in itself. On those occasions, many of the dorm buildings have a study room on each floor or places like the Academic Resource Center (ARC) in Oak Hall offer not only a quiet study space but tutors to help assist with any homework questions you may have.

The seemingly endless stream of final papers, presentations, projects, and exams can be overwhelming. Taking the time to organize due dates, your final exam schedule, and when to study or work on these final assessments can help relieve some of the end-of-semester stress. Breaking it all down will make it easier to prioritize and complete all assignments and studying with extra time to get adequate sleep and give yourself a few study breaks.

If you find yourself struggling with staying motivated and focused, there are people, places, and approaches to help you get through the rough patch. It’s very important to take advantage of the various resources available to you and doing so will likely lower your levels of stress or anxiety.