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Fifth Annual Undie Run Takes Place at BSU

By Bailey Wright

Beavers are stripping down to their undies, literally.

On Thursday April 21, Bemidji State’s Student Senate hosted its fifth annual Undie Run at 5pm. Students gathered around Lakeside Lawn to participate in a one mile run around several campus buildings.

Along the mile long course there were four bins for runners to dispose of the clothing that they would like to donate. “In the past people have brought bags of clothes with them to donate as well as the clothes that they choose to wear as they run,” said Brittany Hull, President of Student Senate.

The first 50 students to arrive were given a pair of BSU boxers and a T-Shirt. Student Senate spent $1,300 on apparel alone and was hoping for at least 70 participants this year.

Last years Undie Run got rained out and under 50 people participated. This year Student Senate has really been promoting the event in hopes of getting more people. They had a table set up in Lakeside for the past two weeks and posters on almost every campus building.

Jessie Battistini, also a member of Student Senate said, “I have been posting flyers like crazy.” Jessie was also in charge of music and was the Undie Run’s official DJ.

BSU Students, Bethany Erickson, Jacob Jensen, Sam Peterson, and Jacob Harper prepare for the Undie Run.

“This event is really just about coming together with your friends and fellow classmates and having a good time,” said Mackenzie Bruch, a BSU student.

“I’m here with my friends putting on all the clothes we brought to donate and I am definitely looking forward to some pizza after this run,” said Sabrina Okeson, a BSU Tennis player.

Pizza, cake and several prizes including gift cards to, Papa Murphy’s, Applebee’s, Green Mill and Bridges Pub were all given out after everyone finished the Undie Run.

The event was supposed to bring in more people but the cold and windy weather made an impact on this years turn out and there ended up being only 27 people participating in the event.

The weather also affected the hour and fifteen minute event into only lasting about 45 minutes.

At the end of the Undie Run Student Senate collected the four bins and they were filled with clothing donations.  “We donate the clothes to several different places including some local churches or wherever needs it most. In the past we’ve donated some of the clothing to the free store on campus but it’s currently packed full with clothes,” said Brittany.

Not only did students get to walk away with a free pair of boxers and a cool BSU t-shirt but they get to walk away from the event knowing that they just did something that is beneficial for the community.

“I call it, ‘stripping for a good cause,’” said Kourtney Kenville, a BSU student.