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Graduating Seniors Give Advice to Underclassmen

By Ellen Lescarbeau

With the school year coming to a close, most students are anxious and excited. For some, the end of the school year means moving on to the next step in school. For others, it means moving on to the next chapter of their lives. Some graduating seniors offered up some wise words of advice for the underclassmen that will soon be in their shoes before they know it.

“Organize your time. Plan out each week and what you need to get done at what time. If you stick to it, you’ll have plenty of time for fun. You can never make too many friends your freshman year. Your fellow freshmen are the people you’ll be around for the next four years, so get a head start on meeting them. BSU is small enough that you can always find someone you know on campus. You’ll never have a shortage of things to do.” –Ryan Pietruszewski, graduating senior

“Make sure you have an advisor who you respect and who you feel comfortable with. Remember, if you miss class, the best thing you can do is communicate with your professor. Even if you feel like it’s too late, communication with your professors is key to your college success. If you don’t completely like your major or the people in it, it’s most likely not for you, that is what you will be doing and the people you will be working with. Find something you love with people you are comfortable around, even if it takes extra time (6th year senior right here). Join clubs and organizations that will give you experience in your field. You will thank yourself once you need a resume.” –Heather Foner, graduating senior

“Study even though you really, really don’t want to and party even if you really, really feel like staying in. It goes by so fast and you can sleep when you’re dead. Take advantage of the cheesy campus events and the student discounts at Cherry Berry. Don’t take yourself too seriously and never forget to enjoy happy hour.” –Emily Olson, graduating senior

“Take any opportunity you can. Don’t pass anything up and don’t say ‘no’ because your college career is going to fly by and by the end of it you’d wish you would have said ‘yes’ more. Get involved—not only through campus organizations, but get to know people throughout the community, your professors and the person who makes your lunch at Lakeside everyday. Everyone that is here is here for YOU and to help you get your education. Network as much as you can and be engaged with your surroundings. Be kind to everyone. You don’t know what their background is and who knows, maybe they’ll be your co-workers one day or you’ll need them for something in your career path. Don’t hide in your phone, get out and live. College is such a special time in our lives to explore who YOU are—study abroad, take an internship halfway across the country one summer and stay in Bemidji for another. Do what makes YOU happy because in the end, this college experience is yours and no one else’s.” –Lisa Kittleson, graduating senior

Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors and best of luck to all students in your future endeavors, whatever they may be!