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A Northern Student How-To: Pack and Study

By Bethany Erickson

During finals week you really should be focused on the tests you have left to take and be spending time with the people you won’t see again until next fall.  When you’re not focused on these things though, you also need to think about packing up all of the stuff you managed to fit into your shoe-box of a room. Balancing all of this can be stressful, but with these few tips you can sail into summer like finals never happened!

Don’t wait until the morning your parents come to get you to start packing.  In the last couple weeks of the semester, unearth some boxes and start putting away the things you won’t need.  Definitely do this with you clothes too, how many outfits are you really going to need for the last week or so of finals – most of which you will spend cramming in the library anyway?

Photo by Samantha Glover and Lauren Sustad
Photo by Samantha Glover and Lauren Sustad

As you are packing, make sure you know where everything is going.  Use duct tape and a sharpie to write what is in each box on the outside, so if you realize you really do need that shirt you didn’t think you would wear, you at least know where to find it.

No mother wants you to bring your 20 uneaten packages of ramen and other college-life dorm food home to the pantry, so eat it all up! It will save you space for all of the rest you have to pack. However, make sure to use up your meal plan too so you’re not losing your money there either!

Studying should be your first priority during this time of year, so plan your days out.  Set aside time specifically for studying and time for packing around it. If you’re efficient and actually study or pack during these allotted times rather than ending up surfing Facebook, you could find yourself totally ready to ace all of your exams and will save yourself a lot of stress on move out day!

Happy packing, BSU!