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And the Crown Goes to…

By Stacey Kaslon


Kicking off BSU’s 2016 homecoming week of events, students enjoyed the Coronation and Mr. Beaver Pageant on Monday at 8 p.m. in the Gillett Wellness Center gym .

The Homecoming Committee began the night with introducing the candidates who were nominated for homecoming king and queen by their respective organizations.

The candidates included Merci VanBruggen (Lifestyle Educators), Matti Pelland (Student Senate), Kayla Chromy (Student Nursing Association), Katie
Aaron (Bemidji Choir), Alina Vongkhamdy (Relay for _mg_1607-1Life), Russell Koenigs (Campus Activities Board), Galen Hlavsa (Student Senate), Darren Gagne (Students for the Environment),
Corey Stockman (Relay for Life) and Cody Hendrickson (Love Your Melon).

_mg_1692-1Having tallied the votes of students on Beaverlink before the event, last year’s king and queen–Davis Mills and Leah Gnitka–crowned the 2016 BSU Homecoming king, Corey Stockman, and queen, Alina Vongkhamdy.

Following the coronation, was the infamous Mr. Beaver Pageant where two athletes from each of the men’s sports teams on campus competed to be the king of the beaver dam.
This year’s contestants showcased
formal wear complete with a bio written by each contestants’ teammates, swimwear, a talent from each_mg_1881-1 sports team’s pair of contestants and answers to important Mr. Beaver related questions.

Highlights of the contest included the homecoming queen getting a serenade/private dance from the boys from the baseball team, Zach Baumgartner from the basketball team _mg_2048-1showing that safety comes first in swimwear, several candidates confirming that they are naughty rather than nice and raising over $500 in _mg_2082-1donations to charity from students.

With the judging of the event complete, Tahi Nomane, last year’s winner of the pageant, crowned Carter Struthers from the men’s hockey team as BSU’s 2016 Mr. Beaver.

With the events of the evening all taken in good humor, students left the event laughing and excited for what is in store later this week.