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It’s not About What You Know; It’s About Who You Know.

by Kallie Hoplin

Networking is a way of forming connections. Connections between high school students and universities, students and future employers, or employees and different employers. In order to network, people need to be able to talk to strangers about their jobs and how they got there.

On Thursday, November 15th, students are able to make these connections by attending Networking 101. The event is being put on by the Student Alumni Association and Career Services from 4-6 p.m. in the Crying Wolf Room in the Lower Hobson Memorial Union.

Samantha Jones, assistant professor of geography at BSU, helps a student in the classroom. Photo by Alex Danielson. 

Networking 101 will cover why networking is vital to a student’s success and how they can approach networking with business professionals in the future. Encouraging students to start networking as soon as possible, the event promotes the philosophy that the more networking that a person does, the more connections will be made.

Students can get into networking by attending career fairs and joining clubs on campus or organizations in the community. These opportunities are all around campus waiting for students to find them. Attending career fairs and events like Networking 101 and becoming acquainted with businesses can also help lay the way for future career connections.

The connections students make today will help them get a job or an internship down the road. Who they talk today can change their tomorrow.