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Beaver Treats Shares a Sweet Treat with Students

By Joey Scanlan

IT Department member Kris Engesather serves up some ice cream to BSU students at Beaver Treats. Photo by Joseph Scanlan.

Many students flocked to the Terrace Lounge on Thursday afternoon for some homemade brownies and vanilla ice cream sponsored by the department of
information technology at BSU as a part of the weekly Beaver Treats event.

This is the second year that Beaver Treats has been a staple at the BSU Hobson Memorial Union every Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m. The event is hosted and sponsored by Hobson Union programing and funded by student activity fees.

“Beaver Treats is a way for kids to just come relax and unwind and also get some free treats,” said Barb Butler, secretary of the HMU information desk. “It’s a way for different student organizations and departments of BSU to promote their organizations to the students.”

BSU students, Megan Ackerman and Jena Kessler enjoy their brownies and ice cream at Beaver Treats. Photo by Joseph Scanlan.

Last week, the department of information technology was promoting their new twenty-four hour computer lab that is located in Decker Hall. According to Robb Carothers, who works at the IT help desk, the new computer lab came into action because it was something the students requested.

“We worked with the Student Senate and sent many surveys out to students to see what they wanted and a lot of them said that they wanted a computer lab that was always open, so we made it happen,” said Carothers.

BSU’s IT services helpers Robb Carothers and Rosanne Erickson pose in front of their display of the new twenty-four-hour computer lab located in Decker Hall. Photo by Joseph Scanlan.

Students who went to Beaver Treats got the chance to vote for the name of the new computer lab. “It’s the students technology fees that paid for this computer lab so we thought it would only be right if the students got to name the lab as well,” said Carothers.

The computer lab is just one outcome of this event that allows students the opportunity to have a voice on their campus and get a little something extra sweet out of the deal, too.