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Student Alumni Association Bridges Gap Between Students and Alumni

Photo by Seth Friborg

By Seth Friborg

Last Thursday, The Student Alumni Association met to discuss the upcoming events they have planned for the spring semester at Bemidji State University, including Happy Mondays. Starting on Monday Feb. 6, the SAA will be hosting a free coffee event in Deputy Hall for faculty and students alike, called Happy Mondays.

“Mondays are hard to get going,” said Emily Backes, president of the Student Alumni Association. “So we thought coffee would be something good to have for everybody.”

Happy Mondays was an event created last year by the SAA in an effort to help increase interest in the organization and help show more members of campus what Student Alumni Association means.

“People see alumni and get scared off,” said Backes. “We want them to better understand what we are about.”

In addition to the free coffee events, the SAA has created a new slogan for the organization to bring a fresh feel to the group–Students Today, Alumni Forever. Backes feels that this new slogan, even though the name of organization will stay as the Student Alumni Association, will give individual character to the current members

The Student Alumni Association’s main goal is to bridge the gap between students and alumni by displaying outstanding alumni to the campus, but also by bringing in local alumni to help show the current students what potential they have and what can be accomplished after graduation.

“I think students need to place a lot of value in the connections they can make while they are at school,” said Backes. “Not only in their education, also who you know and who can help you find that job or career you want.”