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Talley Gallery Hosts the Six McKnight Artists

The Talley Gallery is featuring the travelling show, the Six McKnight Artists. Photo by Janie Johnson.

by Jessica Dalen

BRIDGEMAN—Bridgeman Hall’s Talley Gallery at BSU started a new show that is open to the public Feb. 22 to Mar. 21. This current show features the Six McKnight artists.

A piece by Tom Bartel from his Body Implications show is now being showcased with the Six McKnight Artists. Photo by Janie Johnson.

The McKnight artists are part of a traveling show involving ceramics. Artists are put together by the Northern Clay Center located in Minneapolis. They toured parts of the state such as Rochester, Winona and other areas in southern Minnesota.

After the McKnight show comes to an end, there will be a new group of artists to take its place. The artists highlighted in the Talley Gallery range from all over the world.  

“Last December there was a collaboration between Japan and the United States,” saidLaura Goliaszewski, director of

The McKnight Artists showcase different variations of vases this month. Photo by Janie Johnson.

the Talley Gallery. “It’s a nice resource because we don’t have a museum that is close by here, people have to go down to the cities or you would have to go out to North Dakota.”

The Talley Gallery serves as a learning tool for students in the Art and Design programs here at BSU. Students can go and take information and techniques being used by these artists and implement them into their classes.

Students and community members are also welcome to stop in and look at the artwork on display.  The gallery located in room 140 is open Mon. through Fri. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

“Here in this area we have gotten some of the finest artists to come and show their work at BSU,” said Goliasewski. “It’s a good resource just to see the world through somebody else’s eyes.”