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Saying Goodbye to Songs of Summer

by Shawn Campbell

Summer is in the rearview mirror—yes, I know it’s sad—but I have a cure for your sorrows… music! There was some fantastic music released over the summer, and with all this homework killing my summer buzz, I think it’s time for the first edition of Shawnyc’s Guide to Music Survival. These are mostly deep tracks, but I guarantee you will like them or your money back… or something like that. I will start off with my two favorite albums that came out this summer:

Coast Modern- Coast Modern

Essential tracks: Animals, Run It up, Guru, Hollow Life, The Way It Was
This is a solid first release for Coast Modern, every track on the album seems to fit in place like a groovy psychedelic pop, hip-hop, indie, and electro-pop puzzle. Coast Modern is my new favorite band, and you can bet this album is in the running for my top album of the year. Every song on the album is so addictive that I’ve listened to it on repeat at work enough I thought my coworkers would be sick of it. Turns out they love it too. I instantly fell in love with Guru when Spotify first recommended it to me, and I think you will too.
Rating: 5/5
Recommended if you like: MGMT, Cage The Elephant, Grouplove

Portugal. The Man- Woodstock

Essential tracks: So Young, Feel It Still, Noise Pollution, Easy Tiger, Keep On
This band has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard them in 2006, when I was much younger and dumber. Now that you know that, you might have guessed I am a little biased. I am, but I will say although I like this album, it is not my favorite PTM album. Not because the album is bad, but because Woodstock has eight other PTM albums to compete with. Woodstock is a bit of a different direction for PTM but that could be said about any of their albums. Woodstock PTM goes a bit more poppy while blending it with a hip-hop, rock and roll, music festival feel.
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended if you like: STRFKR, Modest Mouse, Electric Guest

Now on to some of my favorite tracks I heard this summer:

Sir Sly- High
A strange but awesome sounding track, I dig the 80s-synth pop mixed with hip-hop vibe. Their new album is worth checking out too. It’s a bit slower but it’s got some groovy gems on it.

’68- Death Is a Lottery
This is a rocking track that makes me want to jump in the mosh pit. ’68 makes some good rock and roll with a hint of southern rock that will rock your face!

Moonrise Nation- Petty Games
These girls are amazing. This track is so smooth and grooving, Moonrise Nation is going to be huge if they keep making music like this. I absolutely love the vocals and guitar in Petty Games.

Next month, I’ll dig up some great fall classics as well as my favorite new releases.