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Eurospring Professor to Speak About Aliens in America

By Rebecca Carvell

Scientific historian, Dr. Allan Chapman of Wadham College at Oxford University comes to Bemidji State University to present “Aliens: 2,000 Years of History — But Do They Really Exist?” at 4 p.m. Sept. 25 in Hagg-Sauer 102. The lecture will be about why aliens fascinate people and just how far back the fascination goes.

A member of the Royal Astronomical Society and presenter of the BBC television series Gods in the Sky, Chapman is the author of works such as Patrick Moore’s Millennium Yearbook: The View from AD 1001, Gods in the Sky: Astronomy from the Ancients to the Enlightenment and Slaying the Dragons: Destroying Myths in the History of Science and Faith.

Dr. Chapman is also a crucial part of BSU’s Eurospring program, in which students spend a portion of spring semester abroad in the U.K., since its inception back in 1977. Dr. Chapman is the main lecturer for the program and the one that takes students on the field trips to local sites.