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“Relationships, Communication and Boundaries” with Diane Long

By Kendra Hacker

This week, Sexual Responsibility week took over BSU, providing a series of student-centered events that are focused on empowerment training. Diane Long, a self-defense lecturer, spoke Tuesday night in Hagg-Sauer Hall 100 about relationships, communication and boundaries to over 100 students. Long had an interactive presentation that helped students learn to communicate their likes and dislikes and how to interrupt harassment- whether it be experienced directly or witnessed.

“I think of self defense as one act of self-care,” Long said.

By focusing on self-care, Long believes that students will be able to identify, express, and respond to their wants and needs while also gaining a sense of control and agency.

Long had students volunteer to help her demonstrate different scenarios of consent and of uncomfortableness. Students were taught how to act in situations of consent and easy self-defense moves that could help them if they were in an uncomfortable situation. Long believes that knowing what to do will help people gain a sense of safety.

Vlada Chernova, a Sophmore at BSU, is a member of the Lifestyle Educators Club and was encouraged to attend the lecture.

“I learned more about how you can let someone know when you’re uncomfortable, “Vlada said, “Like if they’re touching you or are too close.”

The “Relationships, Communication and Boundaries” lecture is one of several occurring at BSU during Sexual Responsibility week.