The Pluses and Minuses of a New Grading System

by Sabrina Okeson One semester after Bemidji State University implemented the plus-minus grading scale, concerned students and faculty have spoken up in hopes of repealing the new system. In April 2016, the BSU Student Senate issued a survey about whether to issue the change. 55 percent of the 200 surveyed students responded in favor of the bill to enact the plus-minus scale, while 45 percent said they were against the

Alcohol Coming to a Campus Near You?

by Seth Friborg Towards the end of 2016, Bemidji saw an increase of new businesses near the Bemidji State University campus. From the newly redesigned Bunkhouse—formerly the Novo—to the new Beaver Mart, a convenient market for students and residents alike, these [caption id="attachment_4896" align="alignleft" width="300"] Beaver Mart, a convenience store located on the intersection of Bemidji Avenue North and Fifteenth Street Northwest, opened the end of December 2016. Photo by

The Road to Compass Rose

By Janie Johnson [caption id="attachment_4887" align="alignright" width="225"] Compass Rose keeps the doors closed for now, covered in newspapers to keep secret what is to come of the new boutique. Photo by Jessica Dalen.[/caption] Hannah Anderson has always had a sense of adventure; from going on trips with her grandpa when she was young to moving away from home to attend Bemidji State to now starting her own business. This sense
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A Long-Running Tradition Returns This Holiday Season

By Dani Nicholson The longest-running tradition at BSU is returning this December for its 48th year. Madrigal Dinners, hosted by the Bemidji Choir and Chamber Choir, is a four-course meal with exciting and interactive entertainment. It is set in the year 1616 of the Renaissance period, complete with costumes fit for a King, Queen, and their Royal Court. [caption id="attachment_4850" align="alignright" width="300"] Madrigal Dinners performers toast the audience during one
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It’s not About What You Know; It’s About Who You Know.

by Kallie Hoplin Networking is a way of forming connections. Connections between high school students and universities, students and future employers, or employees and different employers. In order to network, people need to be able to talk to strangers about their jobs and how they got there. On Thursday, November 15th, students are able to make these connections by attending Networking 101. The event is being put on by the
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Making It Count

by Stacey Kaslon, Hannah Cook, Ian Douglass, Shawn Campbell, Sean Kieselhorst, Tyrell Branchaud & Micah Friez BSU students sat crowded around the election registration table Tuesday night as three elderly women helped them through their stacks of paperwork. Two hours before the polls closed, they frantically tried to register to vote. The sound of rickety, plastic voting booths and the occasional hushed tone of a judge, echoed throughout the domed
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And the Crown Goes to…

By Stacey Kaslon Kicking off BSU's 2016 homecoming week of events, students enjoyed the Coronation and Mr. Beaver Pageant on Monday at 8 p.m. in the Gillett Wellness Center gym . The Homecoming Committee began the night with introducing the candidates who were nominated for homecoming king and queen by their respective organizations. The candidates included Merci VanBruggen (Lifestyle Educators), Matti Pelland (Student Senate), Kayla Chromy (Student Nursing Association), Katie Aaron