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Lady Beavers Earn Home-field Advantage

by Shane Neumann BEMIDJI—On Monday Nov. 5, the Bemidji State Women’s Soccer secured their second straight NCAA Division II Women’s Soccer Championship bid, only this time things will be different. Last year, the team received a #5 seed and had to play their games on the road. This year, the team received the #2 seed in the Central Region, which earned them the right to host the first and second
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Professor Brings to Light Sexual Violence at BSU

By Stacey Kaslon Recently, many women and men who have been sexually harassed or assaulted chose to come forward because of the #metoo campaign. The movement began with a tweet by Alyssa Milano that read:    Since then, the tweet has received over 69,000 responses. Not every person who responded shares their experience. Many, including fathers and other men, are simply spreading awareness and showing their support for others who

Rising Need for Financial Aid Raises Questions

By Hanna Zerr Each year, billions of dollars in financial aid funds are distributed to a variety of college students across the country. Students at Bemidji State University are no exception with financial aid funds distributed to their accounts last Friday. With the rising costs of tuition and fees, more students at Bemidji State University rely on financial aid to pay for college said a worker in the financial aid

Bemidji Comes Together to March for Change

[caption id="attachment_4907" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Hundreds of people gathered together to march for march for women's equality. Marchers wait to cross Bemidji Ave, and head down to the Rail River Folk School where the festivities continued. Photo by Shawn Campbell.[/caption] By Andy Kucera and Shawn Campbell [caption id="attachment_4908" align="alignright" width="170"] Pat Broker a local community activist is striving for real change. She believes that the turmoil in our country lately is
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A Commemoration of Minnesotan Women

By Andrea Nadeau With Women’s History Month upon us, we must look back to the women that shaped and inspired us—specifically, the women of Minnesota. A woman who deserves some recognition this month is Toni Stone, the first woman to ever join a men’s professional baseball team. She lived from 1921-1996 and was born in St. Paul. From the age of 10 she knew she wanted to play baseball. Though
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StarID Spring Change Over

By Andrea Nadeau By now every student at BSU should hopefully have received an email about the new changes coming with StarID. If you skimmed by it, or haven’t checked your email in a while, then you’ll want to keep reading. Andy Bartlett, the Associate Director of Communications and Marketing got in touch with the Northern Student to raise more awareness about the changes come to BSU concerning the StarIDs
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Countering Violent Extremism

By Nolan Brey The Department of Homeland Security’s website describes an initiative called, “Countering Violent Extremism.” The goal of this initiative is to “understand violent extremism, support local communities, and support local law enforcement.” The DHS aims to do this by identifying what risk factors lead to extremist ideologies, and to provide outreach programs to local law enforcement agencies and community centers. These outreach programs aim to provide resources to
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Keep Your Melon Warm

By Rebecca Carvell Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students all over the United States. Their goal is to give a hat to every child that is battling cancer in America. Love Your Melon has just become an official organization at Bemidji State University and has thirteen crew members. To name a few members, Crew Captain, Shaina Gillman, Vice-Captain, Katrina Hadden, Public Relations and Marketing, Katie
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The Capital’s Christmas Tree Begins its Tour

By Emilie Brouse [twitter url="" float="left"][fbshare url="" type="button"][linkedin_share url=""] [hr] This year’s Christmas tree for the U.S. Capitol Tour arrived from Chippewa National Forest on Thursday, October 30. It was stored and prepared for the tour at Bemidji State’s John Glas Fieldhouse. It was sent on its journey to the U.S. Capitol on Monday, November 3. The tree’s sendoff was scheduled for clubs, organizations, schools and business throughout the Bemidji
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East Coast Rebuilds After Superstorm Sandy

Bill Stafford | Columnist | 12-04-2012 The eyes of many Americans were glued to the television Oct. 22 due to the fourth and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida, but just south of Jamaica a low pressure system was developing into something that would steer our attention away from politics to the safety of thousands by Halloween. As news came in post-debate and in the following days about the