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Keep Calm Week

By Shane Neumann BEMIDJI—Thanksgiving break is over, and finals are looming. This is a stressful time of year for students, and stress management is important. Thankfully it’s “Keep Calm and…” week here at BSU. The Mental Health Advisory Board will host events all week to teach students stress-management basics. On Monday, students made free goodie bags, and Tuesday there was a guided-meditation event. Wednesday’s event was “Keep Calm and… Do
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BSU Says Yes to Affirmative Consent

by Stacey Kaslon Approximately, 100 BSU students and student leaders gathered last night in Hagg-Sauer 100 for the Affirmative Consent Panel sponsored by BSU Student Senate and Support Within Reach Sexual Violence Resource Center. Moderated by Student Senate President Aash Ullah, the panel featured Support within Reach Prevention/Volunteer Coordinator Emily Schlecht, Director of Housing and Residential Life Randy Ludeman, Health Education Coordinator Jay Passa, Student Center for Health and Counseling
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Hey Bemidji!

[caption id="attachment_5828" align="alignright" width="300"] Hey Bemidji! Host Madeline Hodgkins, left, interviews Lillian Greenawald, right, about gender.[/caption] Bemidji State University’s student-run FM-90 radio station has started a new radio show called Hey Bemidji! BSU student host Madeline Hodgkins describes it as, “a political radio show where we discuss issues both nationally and on campus.” Every week the show will include guest speakers to talk about issues surrounding diversity, equality and other
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Headwaters Film Festival Presents: 10 Iconic 80s Movies

by Dakota Drobnicki For this year's Headwaters Film Festival (Mar. 29 and 30) theme, BSU is sporting an 80s retro vibe complete with screenings of Back to the Future and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. While we wait for the festival to come, let's take a look at some other movies that affected or reflected the culture of the 1980s. 1. The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Would the all-time best Star
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Jazzfest Moves Beyond Setbacks to Put on Annual Concert

[caption id="attachment_5137" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Landon Reeve plays the drums during Corey Christiansen’s original song, Kaiya’s Dance, which was written for Christiansen’s daughter. Photo by Kristina Malterud[/caption] By Kristina Malterud BEMIDJI--Guest artists Corey Christiansen and Aaron Hedenstrom joined the Bemidji State University Jazz Band, Blue Ice, on the main stage in Bangsberg Hall this Saturday for the 38th Annual JazzFest. “We teach day in and day out and try and get
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Bingo Bridges Generation Gap in Bemidji

[caption id="attachment_5129" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Bemidji State University students had the opportunity to win grocery bags of food at Lakeside on Wednesday for “Grocery Bag Bingo” the event was sponsored by Hobson Memorial Union. Photo by Jessica Dalen.[/caption] By Joey Scanlan Regardless of age, bingo events in Bemidji bring people together. With many locations around town offering bingo events, bingo proves to be an entertainment of choice. Bemidji State University offered
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Student Alumni Association Bridges Gap Between Students and Alumni

[caption id="attachment_5124" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo by Seth Friborg[/caption] By Seth Friborg Last Thursday, The Student Alumni Association met to discuss the upcoming events they have planned for the spring semester at Bemidji State University, including Happy Mondays. Starting on Monday Feb. 6, the SAA will be hosting a free coffee event in Deputy Hall for faculty and students alike, called Happy Mondays. “Mondays are hard to get going,” said Emily
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And the Crown Goes to…

By Stacey Kaslon Kicking off BSU's 2016 homecoming week of events, students enjoyed the Coronation and Mr. Beaver Pageant on Monday at 8 p.m. in the Gillett Wellness Center gym . The Homecoming Committee began the night with introducing the candidates who were nominated for homecoming king and queen by their respective organizations. The candidates included Merci VanBruggen (Lifestyle Educators), Matti Pelland (Student Senate), Kayla Chromy (Student Nursing Association), Katie Aaron
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A Northern Student How-To: Pack and Study

By Bethany Erickson During finals week you really should be focused on the tests you have left to take and be spending time with the people you won’t see again until next fall.  When you’re not focused on these things though, you also need to think about packing up all of the stuff you managed to fit into your shoe-box of a room. Balancing all of this can be stressful,
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Graduating Seniors Give Advice to Underclassmen

By Ellen Lescarbeau With the school year coming to a close, most students are anxious and excited. For some, the end of the school year means moving on to the next step in school. For others, it means moving on to the next chapter of their lives. Some graduating seniors offered up some wise words of advice for the underclassmen that will soon be in their shoes before they know