Northern Student Mission Statement

The Northern Student is a free, student-run newspaper publication distributed to the Bemidji State University & Northwest Technical College campuses, parts of the Bemidji community, and to the Northern Student’s advertising affiliates. We strive to provide the latest information regarding student life in addition to local, national, and world news, and offer advertising services to both campuses and the Bemidji community. Acting as a voice for the students, we facilitate the desire to learn, the want to voice opinions, and the need to be informed.


Northern Student History

The Northern Student became BSU’s campus newspaper in 1926. Since its conception, the newspaper has been solely staffed and managed by students, as well as published and distributed weekly at no charge to its readers.

In the early ‘70s, the Northern Student merged with the Mass Comm. Dept. at the influence of James McMahon, the public relations director for BSU at the time, who also served as the newspaper’s adviser. In 1988, the newspaper was produced through “Newspaper Production,” a three-credit Mass Comm. course taught and advised by Louise Mengelkoch. During this period, the Northern Student stopped receiving funds from the SAFAC committee and was produced strictly on advertising revenue.

After a lawsuit, the Northern Student and Mass Comm. Dept. separated in 1992, and the newspaper relocated to the Hobson Memorial Union. Al Nohner, director of Communications and Marketing, created a media board of faculty, students, and community members to choose future Editor-in-Chiefs and advisers, as well as advise the newspaper.  A few years later, the Northern Student began receiving funds from the SAFAC committee again.

For over a decade the Northern Student functioned outside the Mass Comm. Dept. In the fall of 2009, the Northern Student was without an adviser. After the newspaper was threatened with a lawsuit, the media board appointed an adviser, who was forced to retire less than a year later.

In May of 2010, the newspaper returned to the Mass Comm. Dept., the media board was disbanded, and a new adviser from the Mass Comm. Dept. was appointed. During the following fall, the Northern Student briefly partnered with the Bemidji Pioneer for advertising and began placing issues of the Bemidji Pioneer inside the Northern Student.  After three months of publication, it was determined that the two newspapers should remain completely separate.

Past issues of the Northern Student may be found at the A.C. Clark Library on the Bemidji State University campus. Issues dating from 1928-1992 can be found in microfilm form, and those from 1967-present may be found in hard copy.