Paper Parlor does the best they can with where they are

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 04-17-2013 There are many ideal places in the country to start a band.  In Minnesota, if you start in the Twin Cities there are almost endless opportunities to begin your journey from obscurity to a band for which people stand in line. There are also the less than ideal places to start a musical journey, like northern Minnesota.  It’s a region full of small

Natchez Trace: Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 03-21-2013 Kevin Bowe and Dr. Dre have at least one thing in common.  They have fans who have learned the importance of patience when it comes to the release of new music.  The last time both released albums of new material was back in 1999 with Bowe’s Restoration and Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001. If you’re a fan of Bowe’s music, however, you have reason
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Taylor Swift Ventures Out With RED

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 12-08-2012 Honesty is one of the defining characteristics of country music. The thing is that for some people, like country superstar Taylor Swift, that may mean having to venture out of one’s comfort zone to stay true to how one really felt during a certain time. According to her cover story with Billboard Magazine, she said that she made it a priority to stay
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Alison Scott & Co. play at BSU like the pros they are

Andy Ellis| A&E Editor| 10-5-12 Here's the thing you should know about the music industry – it can be brutal.  You can spend years in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs making a name for yourself, gradually building a loyal fan base and receiving rave reviews on both your shows and albums from national and local critics. You can even open for acts like Bon Jovi. Then you can drive
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Rascal Flatts Come Back with “Changed”

Andy Ellis | A&E Writer | 4-13-2012 When an act has been around for 12 years it's easy for people to tire of them.  Their albums start sounding the same, and you start looking for new music to try out.  When it comes to the band Rascal Flatts, this may have started to happen with their last couple albums.  While that didn't mean the music was bad, it just got
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Hunger Games — Three Weekends On Top

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 4-9-2012 When best-selling books -- especially series -- are adapted into movies by Hollywood, fans of that book or series are very cautious.  Most of the time it's because they are afraid of what's going to be cut from the books.  They are also afraid that someone may be cast for a certain part not because they are right for the role, but because

3D Movies: Experience Enhancer or Money Grabber?

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor| 4-5-2012 It seems like ever since Avatar was released into theaters in 2009, almost every other hopeful Hollywood blockbuster is released in a format that proved to work very well for the James Cameron epic: 3D.  This shouldn't be surprising, considering how the movie fared at the box office.  With Avatar’s success, many of 2010’s summer movies were either filmed in 3D or put in
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Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 2-7-2012 Tim says himself that this the best album he's ever made.  While fans who prefer his earlier material may beg to differ, I do have to agree with the man himself.  Maybe it's not just the quality of the record for me.  Maybe it's the fact that this release is not another pointless Greatest Hits package forced into the market by hopefully-soon-to-close Curb

T.I’s Mixtape is Better Than Your Actual Album

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 1-27-2012 I'm not talking about the actual cassette tape your parents would use to compile their favorite love songs on to help set the mood for a romantic night.  Possibly the night they made you.  Now that you have that disturbing image in your mind (you’re welcome), let's shift over to the world of hip-hop and rap. It's very common for artists to release
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Joe Nichols Assures Us “It’s All Good”

Andy Ellis | A&E Editor | 11-21-2011 When it comes to Joe Nichols you can always be sure of one thing: he knows how to sing a song.  While he may never be known for his songwriting capabilities, he compensates with his innate knowledge of his audience.  Some may not think much of this, but singers like George Strait built a career on their ability to know which songs their