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Twelve things college students are doing on 12/12/12 (Reading Day)

Bill Stafford | Columnist | 12-12-2012 Did you think Nov. 11 last year was a big deal? Well today is the last day in the near future where the month, day and year will match up, and, in celebration, we have here a few ways students are spending their 12/12/12 reading day at Bemidji State University. The first is actually what students are NOT doing today. Campus is a ghost
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East Coast Rebuilds After Superstorm Sandy

Bill Stafford | Columnist | 12-04-2012 The eyes of many Americans were glued to the television Oct. 22 due to the fourth and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida, but just south of Jamaica a low pressure system was developing into something that would steer our attention away from politics to the safety of thousands by Halloween. As news came in post-debate and in the following days about the
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CBS Correspondent Keynotes 13th Annual Student Achievement Day

Bill Stafford | Staff Writer | 4-12-2012 Wednesday marked a thrilling day of one hundred and sixty five presentations and performances put on by students showcasing their hard work and talents at the 13th annual Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement Conference on the Bemidji State campus. Over two-hundred students participated in this year’s event which doubled last year’s total. Even more ground breaking was this year’s theme, “Crossing Great Divides
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Deer Hunting Season is Underway

Bill Stafford | Sports/Outdoors Writer | 11-12-2011 That time of year is here again when sons and daughters of devoted hunters get pestered at college by their mothers because the husbands are out in the stand. This time of year is usually marked by a sharp chill in the air, an absence of green on the ground and in the trees, and a sneaky feeling that the fluffy white stuff

Women Competing Against Men

Bill Stafford | Outdoors Columnist | 03/30/2011 There have been many examples of women competing with, and sometimes dominating, men in their own sports. But what would you do as a man if across from you at one of the biggest venues for your combative sport is a girl? At the Iowa wrestling state championship tournament on Feb 17, heavily favored Joel Northrup defaulted his state-quarterfinal match because his religious
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Column: NBA Rookie of the Year

Bill Stafford | Sports Columnist | 03/30/2011 The NBA playoffs are right around the corner, which means go-time mode for some teams, but for others it means that a lot of rookie and bench players are getting some time. This year’s draft class was seriously hyped and most have lived up to their expectations, but who is the best candidate for the rookie of the year honors at the end

Column: Super Bowl Sunday

Bill Stafford | Sports Columnist | 02/09/2011 Some say Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year, but for the NFL it may have been the last positive light shed on the NFL for quite a while. It seemed early Sunday morning like the looming lockout was having its unraveling effects already. About two hours before game time, over 400 four-hundred fans who had bought tickets to Super
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Column: Life, the Big Game

Bill Stafford | Sports Columnist | 01/19/2011 As the the NFL playoffs begin, the NBA season is in full swing, the NHL is flourishing in the dead of winter, and the San Francisco Giants are finishing the clean up from their championship celebration. I've been thinking, when will the streets of Minneapolis or St. Paul be covered with ticker tape? When will people be hanging from balconies and tipping over

March Madness Predictions

Bill Stafford | Sports Columnist | 03/23/2011  The fastest month of the year has come again as everyone feverishly scribbles in their NCAA March Madness brackets. This is one of my favorite times of the year because it's interesting for me to watch hundreds of thousands of people care so much about something they had very little interest in only a few short weeks before. All kidding aside, for those

Column: All-Star and Pro-Bowl

Bill Stafford | Sports Columnist | 02/02/2011 We're half way through the 82-game schedule in the NHL, and the Superbowl is just around the corner. You know what that means? If you guessed All-Star and Pro-Bowl weekend you are correct. It's an exciting time in sports to see the best of the best play against each other on the same field/ice. But which sport has the best all star-weekend? As