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Public Safety Looks to Update Parking Signs Amid Frustration

Dallas Steffen | Guest Writer | 12-6-2011 Students like Matt Buresh, a junior majoring in computer science, believe the campus does not have enough parking space. “I don’t think we have enough lots.” said Buresh. Last year, he was a Linden Hall resident which he described as difficult. “I had trouble finding a spot and mainly just left my car in the Linden lot all year.” Some students have received
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Consultant Meets Students and Staff about Tobacco Use Ban

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011 Ty Patterson, Co-Director of the National Center for Tobacco Policy (NCTP), consulted students, staff, and community members March 22 and 23 about the changes being made to BSU's tobacco policy. These changes will be enacted in two phases. The first phase, on April 1, which will introduce the campus to the ban but not punish violators of the smoking policy. Phase two, which
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Hanson Replies to Student’s Official Response

Maki Presents Latest Budget Data Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 03/30/2011 The BSU Student Association met with President Hanson on March 23 to hear his reply to their recalibration response, discuss the status of the university budget and the new tobacco policy. President Hanson began by praising the student response, saying, “The observations made by students were insightful.  The document was well received and written in its communication.” Hanson
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Over 250 Students Are ‘Doing It In The Dark’

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 02/09/2011 Students across the BSU campus, concerned with the environment, joined the “Do It In the Dark” competition for the month of February.  The contest includes all dormitory buildings, and challenges students to reduce their energy consumption in their dorm rooms. The competition is being held by Students for the Environment (SFE), a club of students concerned with environmental harm who look for solutions
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Indecent Exposures Increase On Campus

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 02/09/2011 Within the last three months, three reports of indecent exposure on the BSU campus have been reported and investigated by the Dept. of Public Safety and the Bemidji Police Dept. The first incident occurred outside the A.C. Clark Library on November 29, when some students witnessed a man exposing himself near a computer. The man was escorted from the building by Public Safety
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Physical Newspapers Still in Demand

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 3/23/2011 The public does not support newspapers as it once did.  Over the last decade, most surveys report a change in the public's preferences of media from traditional media, such as newspapers and radio, to new media such as Internet news articles and social media.  In 2008, The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, a non-partisan group that researches public policy,
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Health-Oriented Organizations Unite to Improve Student Health

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 01/19/2011 Healthy BS-U, an on-campus health fair, was launched in the Beaux Arts Ballroom January 12. The fair brought the health programs and businesses of Bemidji together, with the intention of educating BSU students and the public about living a healthy lifestyle and giving them the resources and information for the services and products available. One of the products displayed at the event was
Campus News A Craigslist for College Students

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 01/26/2011 Uloop, a website where students can access items and services in the area and within their university, launched in 2008 for BSU students. The site, which allows students to inquire about finding a roommate, transportation, internships, scholarships, services and supplies was noticed by Nicholas Nelson, a student senator, who was on a quest to deliver such a site to BSU students. “Getting students
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New Bemidji Boarders Club Has Big Plans

Dallas Steffen | Staff Writer | 02/02/2011 The Bemidji Boarders Club, a new student organization dedicated to boarding sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding, launched on January 25. During the club’s inaugural meeting, members laid down its foundation by appointing titles. Jack Deleo was elected President and was excited to start the meeting.  The club is new, but is organized and has members who are full of ideas for