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02/02/2011 Dropping Majors? The Wrong Way to Go Everybody has heard about the cuts they’re making to Bemidji State’s education.  Professors are forced to quit, majors are dropped and subsequently students are booted out the door — usually having wasted several thousand dollars on credits that won’t transfer.  And for a while there was that mysterious “and one other major to be announced at a later time” that kept everyone

What’s On Her Playlist This Week?

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 02/02/2011 Lately, the type of music that has been the most meaningful, inspiring, motivational and focusing has been of the instrumental/classical/film score genre. I have shared a few instrumental tracks before, but this week I am dedicating an entire playlist to it. The first three are from German-born British composer Max Richter. My personal favorite, “November,” is off of Richter’s 2002 album “Memoryhouse.” Next

What to Watch For: Mr. Sunshine

Amber Gran | A&E Editor | 02/09/2011 American born and Canadian raised actor Matthew Perry (“Friends,” “17 Again”) stars in a new comedy series on ABC, as Ben Donovan, the manager of the Sunshine Center arena. This show focuses on Donovan trying to become a better man, supposedly illustrated by the events that take place behind the scenes in order to put on a show for thousands of entertainment craving
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State Budget Deffecit Affects More Than Just BSU

Sara Lee | Staff Writer | 02/02/2011 BSU is one of many Minnesota universities with mass amounts of financial stress due to the state’s $6.2 billion deficit. Not much can be done to prevent the financial crisis because of the current economy, and all 32 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) schools are left to deal with the subsequent monetary shortages. Last November, Vice President of Mankato State Rick Straka
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Public Safety Reports

Compiled by Mike Chambers | News Editor | 02/02/2011 11/24 Property, Lost A parking permit was reported lost.   Property, Lost A BSU I.D. card was reported lost.   Property, Lost An I.D. and key ring were reported lost.   Maintenance Public Safety officers took a report on a broken interior door in Sattgast Hall. Maintenance was notified.   11/25 Property, Found Public Safety officers recovered a cellphone in Deputy
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Athletes of the Week

Alex Berg | Sports Writer | 02/02/2011 Erin Cody - Women’s Hockey Senior forward Erin Cody is this week’s Northern Student female athlete of the week for her milestone performance last weekend against the UMD Bulldogs.  Not only did Cody score a hat-trick in Friday’s loss, but the 3 points were enough to surpass the 100 point mark in her career.  She is only the third player in BSU history
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BSU Sustainability Office Enters into Short Video Contest

Emily Rice | Staff Writer | 02/02/2011 The Sustainability Office, with the help of the Academic Technology Center, has entered BSU into the CERTs Clean + Green video shorts contest. If BSU’s video, “Beavers Cut More Than Trees” has the most votes by January 31, then the Sustainability Office, thus BSU, will win $500. There are 12 videos that have entered, each under 3 minutes long. CERTs (Clean Energy Resource
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‘Be Smart, Save the Arts’

Artisans Protest Recalibration Kim Powell | Staff Writer | 02/02/2011 Despite the frigid temperatures and snow flurries, students, teachers and community members protested the recalibration of BSU under the arch outside of Deputy Hall on Monday. The protesters bundled up and gathered under the arch with their picket signs while chanting, “Be smart, save the arts,” throughout the afternoon. “It started at noon, but some people are coming and going

Column: All-Star and Pro-Bowl

Bill Stafford | Sports Columnist | 02/02/2011 We're half way through the 82-game schedule in the NHL, and the Superbowl is just around the corner. You know what that means? If you guessed All-Star and Pro-Bowl weekend you are correct. It's an exciting time in sports to see the best of the best play against each other on the same field/ice. But which sport has the best all star-weekend? As

What to Watch For

Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh Amber Gran | A&E Editor| 02/02/2011 Whether you’re a Packers fan or loyal to the Steelers, this weekend is going to be big. Super Bowl XLV is here and that means it is time to buy the beverages, prepare the snacks, invite the neighbors over, all to watch the game and, hopefully, some fantastic commercials — unless you are willing to shell out anywhere between $1,985